We guarantee to produce the finish that we state.


If there is anything else you require please feel free to contact us so that we can discuss the service required in detail.

We can offer detailing packages for any vehicle, we can do custom packages for any vehicle.

Monthly Maintenance Packages

We offer a monthly service where you set up a Direct Debit to us and we come out to you every 4-6 weeks depending on your circumstances.  Prices start from £40.00 per month per car.  (different size vehicles charged at different rates)

Maintenance Wash                   £50.00

This is our basic inside out package, the car will receive a full safe wash, sealant, windows cleaned, wheels cleaned, interior hoovered plastic trim cleaned and windows cleaned. please allow 2 hours for this service

Full decontamination clean and 6 month sealant  £85.00

The car will receive the same as the maintenance wash but with the paintwork being further cleaned with iron fallout remover and clay bar followed by hand polish and a coat of beadmagik (6 month sealant) please allow a day for this service 

Full decontamination clean and 1 Year Graphene sealant           £125.00

The vehicle will receive a full decontamination clean, paintwork will receive an enhancment machine polish to allow the new graphene sealant to properly work on the paint allow 1 day for this service

Machine polishing and ceramic coating   PRICES START FROM £225.00

This will be discussed with yourselves, after we have looked at the vehicle to allow us to properly price the job.